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Currently there are additional entry requirements due to Covid-19, please click here to read them all.


Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, the Thai authorities imposed the regulations regarding a permission  to enter the Kingdom of Thailand, including the quarantine upon arrival.

Suksawat  Hospital  remains ready  to accept  the patients to provide state – of – the – art  healthcare  as  well as quarantine of the patients  and their companions during this difficult  time.


  • Copy of the patient’s passport  with a certified signature (newly signed).
  • Copy of the companion’s passport(s) with certified signature(s) (newly signed) [max.3 companions] .
  • Updated medical report  with relevant investigation results.
  • Referral letter from a doctor in current country, stating the need to seek  for treatment  in Thailand.
  • Proof of financial status, e.g. bank statement.
  • Insurance policy (or Guarantee letter from the Embassy) covering the treatment of COVID – 19 incurred in Thailand, medical transportation and repatriation if needed, minimum amount of USD 100,000 each, for the patient and each companion.
  • Affidavit of support . (Only for patient  with companions. Prepared by Suksawat Hospital in attachment, signed by the patient  and/or  companions. )
  • Letter of intention and consent  for quarantine. (Prepared by Suksawat  Hospital in attachment, signed by the patient  and/or companions.)ฃ
  • Flight  ticket. (if available)
  • Fit – to – travel or  Fit – to – fly certificate issued by a licensed doctor  in the current country , within 72 hours before departure. (Please do not seek for this items yet. We shall alert  you when to visit the doctor for this certificate. )
  • COVID – 19  test  result  within 72 hours before departure. (DO NOT attempt to get the COVID – 19 before the approval is confirmed.)

    After receiving  and processing the documents above, Suksawat Hospital will submit a Confirmation Letter to the Thai authorities in order to request for a permission for the patient  and  companions to enter the Kingdom of Thailand. Once approved, a copy of the Confirmation Letter will be sent to the patient to be submitted to the Royal  Thai Embassy in the current country, then the patient will receive the Certificate of Entry (COE) from the Embassy.


  • A patient and companion(s) will be subject to a quarantine in Suksawat Hospital for the duration of 14+2 days from the day of arrival into the Kingdom of  Thailand. (The first day of arrival is referred to as day 0 and quarantine is completed on day 15).
  • A patient  will only be allowed to leave the room for medical investigations and procedures as required, while companion(s) will remain in the room throughout  the  quarantine period, except  for visiting the patient at certain times of the day.
  • Fever and respiratory tract symptoms will be monitored on a daily basis.
  • Nasopharyngeal and oral swabs for real – time Polymerase Chain Reaction (rt-PCR) test for COVID – 19 (SARS-CoV-2) will be performed 3 times: on day0, day 5 and 14.
  • If  the test result for COVID – 19 is detectable (positive), the infected individual will be cared for in Suksawat Hospital on their own expenses (under insurance coverage, conditions may apply).
  • The approvals from the Embassy of the patient’s nationality as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are needed before returning home (the process takes 2-3 days).

Please remember that you must meet all the additional covid entry requirements to enter Thailand as well.

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